Highfolk: Return of the Wyverns

The Story This Far...

Dagger or Longsword?

The Story This Far

“The dagger knows not the longsword’s business.”
— Perrender proverb
[use: when some kid is dealing in grown men’s business,
or patronizingly to anyone out of his depth]

I. Where we are ”now.”
Two years have passed since the “diseased treant” episode and what followed. Here is an overview of matters, both large and small, that have transpired in the interim…

II. Individual events.
• Sarian. Some months after your most recent outing, Sarian informs you that he has been called to serve as Captain of the Guard for a High Priest of the Pelorian faith in Furyondy. Having but a fortnight to settle his affairs, he stays at Wyvern Hall for three days before heading to Highfolk to help his replacement bed in at the small church they have there.
• Keane. Shortly after the treant incident, Keane’s builders are done with his Archer’s Tower on the northwest corner of the stockade at Wyvern Hall. A full ten feet higher than Blaze’s tower, Keane simply explains, “some towers are bigger than others.”
Mostly, Keane splits his time between Highfolk and Wyvern Hall, occasionally hiring out as a caravan guard captain when funds grow depleted. (The farms surrounding the Hall are a far cry from sustaining the party, let alone the attendant servants required to maintain the premises.)

III. Wyvern Hall.
• With most of you home, Radek hires a local carpenter; the two of them build a corral just north of the compound.
• Over the years, numerous other families have settled on your land to till the earth in the relative safety of the shadow of Wyvern Hall.
• Shortly after Sarian’s departure to the east, Radek asks you for leave to meet up with companions of his, whom he describes as “good company of folk.” He would be away from Wyvern Hall for a couple of months. Do any of you object to his taking leave?

IV. Vesve Vale.
• Rumors continue to abound that there are attempts to find a pass through the Clatspurs to Perrenland. No word yet about any successes. There is much talk in the meantime, though, as the location of such a pass would make for “winners” and “losers,” depending on its location.
• With your connections in the Upper Vale, you get a steady supply of gossip. According to Matthias (your mage friend in Aalen), Papi and the Silver Gauntlets (your allies from the giant and undead incursions from years past) will decamp from the town if the pass is much south of there.

V. Everton.
• The war to the south years ago left Lord Everton crippled. As a result, Everton’s oldest son is the new Lord Everton. Wilmot Proviso, Everton’s steward and your acquaintance from many a visit to their keep, has assumed the role of regent to the boy, who is in his teens.

VI. Big Picture.
• The intervening years have been quiet. After a while, they are rather boring. Around the hearth fire, you all discuss the matters at hand (or lack thereof). Between your talks and your occasional talks or missives with friends and allies elsewhere, you reach a seemingly sound conclusion: You and your friends slew most anything within a fortnight’s ride for the balance of three or four years.
It’s not that there are no enemies left anywhere—rather, that the most menacing ones dwelling close by have been put to the sword. Near and far, you and your comrades in arms hacked, clubbed, magic missiled, shot through and back stabbed all manner of heinous creatures, large and small.
• The winter before this one, the sky clouded slightly for the better part of the season. Ash—rather fine, but noticeable nonetheless— lightly coats the land. Since it is not growing season, it affects things very little in the lower Vale.
As weeks pass, you come to understand that, west of Perrenland, a great mountain gave birth to fires made of ash and rock. From reports you get from the road, folk in those parts have been thrown into chaos.
Having occurred deep in the Yatils, there was little effect in populated lands. Supposedly, in the Bakluni lands to the south and west (the direction of prevailing winds north of the Vesve), there has been greater destruction and disorder. Few reports about such farflung lands are reliable, though.


Here now. Leaving for Florida and then back again (by car). I’ll be back on the 26th. I will be giving you Gregor’s ongoing story when I return. Ciao kids!—Marx

The Story This Far...

If Radek wishes to leave, he aught find a suitable stand in to carry forth his duties during his absence. It might take a while for Blaze to notice Radeks absence. “Where is Radek? I need more chickens to target spells upon!”

“Nice Tower Keane, especially impressive are the pointy roof and two round huts at the base.”

Blaze spends his time researching spells, testing explosives and fiddling about with alchemy.

He publishes his first book, “Fire in the Deep”, an illustrated travelog about the journey to the Undercity of Vol-maag. It contains no mention of the location of the entrance that can be read without level 9 decryption.

His knowledge of immolating liquids, self igniting dusts, and fulminating gases begins to exceed what can be explained by mere science….

The Story This Far...

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The Story This Far...

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