Highfolk: Return of the Wyverns

Winter in the Vale


May the sword be sharp as the man who wields it;
May the night be short as the gods may will it;
May the line be true as the souls who hold it;
May the road make straight as my boots can tread it.
A Soldier’s Prayer, Source Unknown

I. Wyvern Hall.

• Word gets out that Wyvern Hall is looking a new steward. Micah, the innkeep at the Three Lions, sends word to your hall about a replacement. He recommends his young cousin, Sandor, as a master of domestic affairs. Young Sandor has served as ostler in Micah’s stead on occasion when the good innkeep has been ill or unavailable. Micah vouches for his competence and reliability; moreover, the young man has knowledge on how to keep a large house running, with its attendant mundane details.
• Jorg Haider, the town elder, pays a visit to the hall to recommend his brother by law, Kordis. Similarly, he speaks to Kordis’ abilities, as he is a respected leader in his farmstead.
• For the winter, Keane retreats to Highfolk, where he keeps a modest dwelling. Proclaiming the tower “dreadfully drafty in this deep winter,” he departs in last the first week of Ready’reat, the eleventh month. He leaves Benjamin, his henchman, behind to see to matters at Wyvern Hall, and gives him a proxy vote in any matters requiring a group decision.

II. Redbridge
• It felt like a fortnight, but the festivities for really only went on for four days. Still, for a mere freeman in a small village, the funereal festivities for Radek Cerny (Radek the Quiet to his friends) carried on for an impressive spell.
Villagers embraced the wild, drunken Hellish, who raised the rafters at the Three Lions. (Especially since he parted with some coin.) Keane parts with some gold as well for a proper feast to commemorate your loyal steward.
• Micah the Innkeep has been doing brisk trade with a new food he calls a “Bromwych.” It is an interesting offering: two thick slices of bread, with sliced meat and cheese in the middle. With a smear of “Lion Mustard” for good measure, it is offered either cold or roasted. (Taking Blaze aside, he says, “I hope you don’t mind that I took your idea and dressed it up a bit!” As compensation, he occasionally offers up extras to Wyvern Hall inhabitants if he has unsold offerings at day’s end.)


Hmm…who do we want to stroke – innkeeper or elder? I vote for the guy who has the booze (though we probably want to interview the candidates and stuff too…)

Winter in the Vale

I must agree with Hellish, our hall needs the good cheer and comforts of a goodly tavern. Yet I must wonder as to our lands, would they not be better stewarded by one with knowledge of the soil? Perhaps this Kordis might advise us upon the tilling of our acres. I for one would like to see someone plant vineyards…

Micah, tis not my invention, the good townsfolk of Bromwych eat their meals thus and have for many years. Calling it a Bromwych came to me listening to Gregor trying to explain how building new walls around their town would protect their peoplefrom goblin raids, and Hellish held up his “Bromwych” and quipped that the current fortifications protected the town no better than the slices of bread protected his steak.

Winter in the Vale

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