Keane Huddlestone

Half-elven fighter/thief. Archer of no modest skill.


Born in a small village southwest of Highfolk, Keane has become a swordsman and pilferer of significant repute. He was born to a human mother, who resides in Hodel; and an elven father, who hailed from the Vesve Forest and presumably still lives there. Keane’s early years were marked by isolation and violence inflicted upon him by village boys (who were all human). Games of “kill the orc” involved Keane as the orc, perhaps also because he lacked the fairer traits of his father’s race, ie: a slight build and a handsome appearance. This violence culminated in the scars on his right cheek, inflicted by those rough youths. Keane’s retribution against those boys was the source of his departure from Hodel to Highfolk.

Having made his way to Highfolk, he had to live off his wits and gods-given gifts in order to claw his way out of the beggar’s life. He may have learned fighting in Hodel, but his thieving skills were cultivated in Highfolk. Once he was accepted into the Thieves’ Guild there, he secured some status as a person who would prey and not be preyed upon. Here he spent his later adolescence; in Highfolk, he was known and accorded some respect, both in the community of thieves and also among warriors.

His Highfolk acquaintances included Blaze, an magician of significant repute; and Gregor, a priest. He met Gregor through his stints as a caravan guard—always easy money, though drudge work—and knew Blaze through mutual connections among the collectors of rare items. Through caravan work, they met Hellish and Sarian as well. Once they knew of an opportunity for advancement, they left their old work behind and struck out their own as men of company. Two others, Gareth and Tarn, joined their number. As a group, they set out to seek fame and riches.

Through his associations with the Wyvern Brotherhood (as they came to be known), a number of this company have achieved some renown. The membership of this group is not constant: Gareth died in battle, and Tarn took up work as an alchemist and apothecary. Also, Laki, a gnome warrior, was a member of their group but then parted ways. In spite of these changes, though, the Wyvernians have secured some reputation as hardy adventurers. In the villages of western Highfolk and the lower Vesve Vale, they enjoy relatively high status.

Keane’s goals have changed in the last year. Once preoccupied with material things—he lived with so little for many years—he has looked to other aspects of his life for reward. Seeking adventure is no longer just a means (gold) to an end (comfort)—it is a path to power and a source of excitement. His associations with his fellow Wyvernians are undoubtedly useful to this end. Magic fascinates him, and his love of jewelry and gems is significant.

Keane Huddlestone

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