Gregor Palin

A Young cleric of the temple of Hironeus from Highfolk originally. Even tempered in crisis, his Warrior God gives him strength.


Gregor, now 23 years old has been tending his second temple in Wolverton personally. The temple is small yet growing. He has already moved his growing family into a larger house—his wife, Anya, his mother in law, Manya, and his three children Trecisa, Anne, and Thomas live comfortably if not in luxury. In three years the priest of Heironeous has become well known in Wolverton and generally liked.

Privately, Gregor knows war is coming—in fact, imminent. The news from the north is sketchy at best, but none of it is good. He is eager to rejoin his fellows to continue the resistance, possibly finding the heart of this creeping evil. Anya knows of this unrest within her husband but has kept quiet. She loves him but she hears the rumors and the news too. She was trying to give him another son after Bram died in childbirth. This sent Gregor into a deep despair.

Palin keeps in contact with his brothers in arms, riding up to Wyvern Hall once a month for conference and, frankly, he misses them. He also stays in contact with his first mission—the young priest of Heironeous, Hewell and the temple in Bramwich.

Bramwich—the town where this all started.

Now Saurian was gone to the south on his temple’s business. His thoughtful friend, Keane—the thief was gone as well. It left himself, Hellish, and Blaze. They needed to find more people—this they all agreed on.

Gregor is training the militia zealously. His acolytes worry that the death of his son has made him…single minded. Gregor loves his wife and his family. His “single-mindedness” is his way of attempting to protect them. He is in good shape and keeps his axe skills sharp.

His meetings with his Highfolk Temple liason, Teemu are nearly as regular as his trips to Wyvern Hall. He knows he is on alert.


Gregor Palin

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